Grant Barton

Bellingham, WA ยท

I am an IT student in Bellingham, Washington. My favorite things include coffee, Washington-grown apples, and more coffee. I'm interested in finding ways to implement security in a user-friendly manner.

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Day Summary Precipitation Chance High Temp (F) Low Temp (F)
Now Overcast -- 47 --
03/05/21 Light rain in the morning and afternoon. 90% 53 42
03/06/21 Possible light rain in the morning and overnight. 73% 50 40
03/07/21 Light rain in the morning and afternoon. 94% 49 34
03/08/21 Clear throughout the day. 17% 52 33
03/09/21 Partly cloudy throughout the day. 11% 47 37

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Day Summary Precipitation Chance High Temp (F) Low Temp (F)
Now Clear -- 34 --
03/05/21 Clear throughout the day. 10% 43 34
03/06/21 Partly cloudy throughout the day. 8% 46 35
03/07/21 Clear throughout the day. 11% 41 34
03/08/21 Clear throughout the day. 15% 46 36
03/09/21 Clear throughout the day. 7% 55 42

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Western Washington University

Bachelor of Science

Course Examples:
  • Operating Systems I
  • Technical Writing
  • Databases
  • Secure Software Development
Expected June 2020

Whatcom Community College

Associate of Applied Science - Transfer

Course Examples:
  • Cisco Networking IV
  • Computer Programming II (Java)
  • Business Law
  • Industrial System Security
  • HTML Fundamentals
June 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
Subjects Studied & Practiced
  • Networking: Cisco IOS, dynamic routing, TCP/IP, DNS
  • Programming: Python, Bash, HTML/CSS
  • Security: Wireshark, Metasploit, Kali Linux tools
  • Operations: Ansible, Puppet, Debian
  • DevOps: Git/Gitlab, Docker and Swarm, Hashicorp stack
  • Metrics and Data: ELK stack, Icinga2, Splunk

Other Skills
  • WA State Food Worker Card & MAST Permit
  • Native English, conversational French
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Always excited to learn something new

My Favorite Tech News

Website Description
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Krebs On Security A cybersecurity-focused blog by Brian Krebs
Phoronix Linux hardware (and software) news by Michael Larabel
HackerNews User-shared tech news, hosted by Y Combinator
Arstechnica Generic tech and science news
Null Program Tech with a focus on low-level programming and tools by Chris Wellons
Steve Klabnik Rust and web-programming blog by Steve Klabnik
Zach Holman Blog on the tech industry and culture
Ben Cox Tech and networking blog
Association of Computing Machinery Tech industry news
Cloudflare Blog Blog of the Cloudflare corporation
Crowdstrike Blog Blog from the security company Crowdstrike
Daniel Miessler Security-centric blog
Cisco Talos Blog Latest cybersecurity threat reports from the security team at Cisco
I'd Rather Be Writing News and blog posts on modern technical writing
Latacora Blog Random infosec opinions from the security firm Latacora
Random ASCII Programming and tech pieces by Bruce Dawson